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Fellow gearheads, today I want to show you something that I have had several requests to cover. This is a fully restored, nearly perfect 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Coupe.

Fully Restored 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Coupe

These days, if you can find a 55 Bel Air, it is usually heavily modified, customized, or raced to death. However, this one is exceptional. This Bel Air is fully restored, and is a real show winner. This Bel Air was finished in the original paint, which is Regal Turquoise and India Ivory. The chrome trim and whitewall tires with original hubcaps really set this car off, and make for a stunning presentation. It is said to have the correct EZ-Eye date coded etched glass as well, which is hard to find from this era. The exterior trim is original and all the lighting works as it should. This is a truly restored beauty.


The car was also equipped with the somewhat more difficult to find 265 CID V8 with 2 barrel carb and Powerglide 2 speed automatic transmission. Oddly enough, in 1955, Chevy did not stamp partial VIN numbers on the engine block, so there is no way to truly know if this is a “numbers matching” car. However, the engine does have the right date codes, and the VIN indicates a 265, so it is a date correct engine.  The engine was completely rebuilt, using all the factory correct accessories. This car even includes the original generator, as this was before alternators came to be the standard.

1955 Bel Air Interior

The Ciadella interior was completely restored to factory original, including the original “Wonderbar” radio. All of the gauges work, and the interior looks as it did when it sat on a showroom in 1955. The turquoise and ivory paint scheme are also represented in the interior, as you can see from the photos. The inside of the car has tons of chrome and bright work all around, which really make for a stunning appearance inside.

Bel Air Sport Coupe Chassis

The chassis and suspension are obviously perfect, as can be seen in the photo. This Bel Air came equipped with drum brakes on all 4 corners, as well as steel wheels with hubcaps. The Coker reproduction white wall tires look like they came from 1955, so that really sets the car apart.

I hope you enjoyed this look at a rather rare and interesting blast from the past. This 55 Bel Air coupe is one of the few that you find these days that is truly restored to perfection, just like the 1950 Ford Truck we covered recently. Let me know down in the comments if you would like to see more cars from this era, or if you would like to see something else.

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