Wall Street Journal Threatens Republican Voters? Declares ‘Trump Won’t Win Another Election’

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – The “fake news media” strikes again as they tout that “Trump won’t win another election.” This ridiculous statement comes from the Wall Street Journal. And who owns this media outlet? Yes, that’s right, none other than Fox News; and we all know the path down which they have trodden.

This is bullying in its finest form as the news outlet has taken it upon themselves to make sure that certain states know that their voices and votes will never count toward being able to choose their preferred candidate ever again.

With the unprecedented voter fraud that was this last election – fraud which was and still is being covered for by The Wall Street Journal – it has apparently been decided that the political career, for which Trump so brilliantly and selflessly took upon himself, is over.

“Mr. Trump may run again, but he won’t win another national election. He lost re-election before the events of 6 January, and as president his job approval never rose above 50%,” said the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board.

“He may go on a revenge campaign tour, or run as a third-party candidate, but all he will accomplish is to divide the centre-right and elect Democrats. The GOP’s defeats in the two 5 January Georgia Senate races proved that.”

They went on to say, “The country is moving past the Trump Presidency, and the GOP will remain in the wilderness until it does too.”

These types of statements are gaslighting tactics and the efforts these fake news companies take are disingenuous and divisive. One such example is as follows:

“By all accounts Mr. Trump is angry about his election defeat, and he is lashing out at anyone who won’t indulge his hopeless campaign to overturn it. … Mr. Trump’s narcissism isn’t news. But if Republicans lose the two Georgia seats and their majority, Republicans across the country should know to thank Mr. Trump for their 2021 tax increase,” the WSJ claimed.

Trump’s time in office helped to expose just how corrupt the Republican Party has become and how globalist agendas have taken a front seat. These people are bent on the destruction of America and will stop at nothing to promote and instill it. The fighting within the GOP will be something to watch as we forge ahead.

As we move on to setting our sights on upcoming primaries and election seasons, this type of language and baseless claims do nothing to move our country in the right direction; a direction that must pivot back to that of what our Constitution set forth.

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